If your rental excavator, drilling equipment or other machinery has broken down call the experts at Sydney Truck Electrical today for a quick diagnosis and turnaround time on any repairs or replacement parts work.

We provide efficient service and insist we conduct repairs on-site to reduce the time and expense of any downtime on your part. Our team of qualified machinery repairmen have worked with a great range of heavy machinery brands and understand the analytic method used to diagnose any mechanical faults, be they cracks in machinery, worn-down moving components or oil-or-lubricant-related. Our team of mechanics bring all the components needed to quickly conduct any heavy machinery repairs and will have your heavy machinery back at it again soon.

Our turnover time is swift and we always work on-site to ensure maximum convenience in an otherwise-inconvenient situation. For any machinery repairs Sydney, call Sydney Truck Electrical for a professional and courteous service that reduces downtime and stress in problematic mechanical situations. If you need a professional for machinery repair and maintenance don’t hesitate to contact us today for an affordable service done quickly and properly. We guarantee a superior customer experience be it a minor scheduled service or a complete overhaul of your hire machinery and we do it all at an affordable rate.

Our auto electrical mechanics have over 20 years’ experience repairing heavy machinery components that perform a range of different tasks both in the workshop and on-site. We trust our suppliers to provide only the highest-quality tools and components which allows us to remain confident in our ability to rapidly and professionally maintain or service your heavy machinery. Give us a call today at Sydney Truck Electrical and we’ll arrive on-site in no time, allowing you to continue doing whatever it is that you do best.