Batteries Charging and Starting

Battery, Charging and Starting Repairs and Replacements

Some of the most common issues we come across involve either batteries, charging systems, and starting systems. Our mobile auto electrician Sydney is well-equipped to handle these problems.

If your truck, grader, crusher, or any type of heavy machinery has issues with:

  • Slow or ‘lazy’ engine turnover during startup
  • Clicking noises during startup
  • Charging light on the dash coming on at idle (or at any other time)

If any of these issues are occurring within your fleet, you should get in touch with us as soon as possible. Prevention is always better than a cure, and the last thing you want is for a machine to go down in the middle of a work day.

With that said, we offer mobile repairs for trucks and heavy machinery everyday of the week so regardless if it is preventative maintenance, or breakdown repair we’ve got you covered.

Removal and replacement of key electrical components such as starter motors, alternators and batteries is a key service we provide. Whilst we have tools and parts available to repair many components on the spot, sometimes a full replacement is required, and if this is the case we can quickly organise a replacement part as required, minimising any down time.

Truck Auto Electrician

We retain a team of specialists familiar with a range of trucks manufactured by a range of brands in Japan, Europe and America. If you’re experiencing any problems related to your truck electrics please do not delay and protect your livelihood by contacting us today. Our experienced and certified truck auto electrician will quickly identify a solution.

We understand the nature of all electrical faults and have over 20 years’ experience handling breakdowns in trucking components and equipment. We are swift to diagnose the problem and suggest a solution, and we have all the parts we need on-hand to repair your vehicle as quickly as possible. If your vehicle breaks down, give us a call and we’ll come to you. We will be able to make repairs on the road, or, in exceptional cases, tow your vehicle to our yard. On-site repairs are our specialty, and our mobile mechanics are able to come to you wherever you are to provide roadside assistance to your malfunctioning truck electrics.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Truck air conditioning.
  • Diesel diagnostics.
  • EFI service & repairs.

Our rates are always affordable because we understand what an impact the availability of truck electricians has on your livelihood. We are available seven days per week and remain up-to-date with the latest manufacturing techniques so that we’re as well-equipped as possible to handle your vehicle’s problem as possible. We are fully-insured and licensed and so are able to perform repairs on any number of vehicles manufactured by a large range of brands. Call us today to witness our experts fix your truck auto electrical problem as affordably and efficiently as possible.

Mobile Truck Auto Electrician

Mobile Auto Electrician Sydney West

If you have broken down on the road we’ll be there rapidly to diagnose any electrical fault in your machinery and to provide a quick and effective solution. Call us from wherever you are in Sydney and our mobile car electrician will arrive quickly to fix the problem and put you back on the road sooner than you’d believe possible. We offer mobile air conditioning services, mobile truck / plant electric services so that no matter the nature of your trucks breakdown there will be a solution available.

We service all across Sydney, so whether your breakdown is North, South, East or West, Sydney Truck Electrical will be available to help you out as soon as you call. One of our qualified and experienced auto electricians will bring all the tools they need to your location and ensure that your truck is in perfect working order before leaving. We’ll provide you with an affordable quote and will get you back on the road again in no time. For any mobile auto problem, call Sydney Truck Electrical today and we’ll ensure your problem is solved quickly and efficiently so your livelihood is protected.

Our fully qualified 24 hour services include but are not limited to:

  • Truck air conditioning
  • Diesel diagnostics
  • Engine repairs
  • EFI service & repairs

We work with all international brands including Japanese, European and American so no matter what you’re driving, if it breaks down, Sydney Truck Electrical can handle the problem. Our mobile auto electricians are on the road all the time and always arrive at your breakdown location swiftly. Our service is always professional and courteous and we look after your truck like it is our own. Call Sydney Truck Electrical today for a rapid diagnosis of any mechanical, electrical or air-conditioning-related problems you have with your truck. We’ll come to you and will fix the problem quickly and effectively.

Truck Air Conditioning

If your air conditioning is leaking, providing air at the wrong temperature or not providing air at all, we know how to fix it. Through detailed diagnosis we can measure the overall system pressure within your truck and, following identification of the problem, will continue with our analysis and inspect every component of your air conditioning for defects. We have all the resources needed to repair and replace your air conditioning system’s components and lubricants after we find the problem, to make sure that everything is installed and running as it should before you get back on the road again. We only use the highest quality components in our work so you can rest assured that after investing in work by Sydney Truck Electrical your problems will be fixed for the long-term.

There’s nothing fun about driving in the heat with no air conditioning, particularly on a work site, so if you’re on Sydney’s roads and suffer a breakdown give Sydney Truck Electrical a call today and we’ll arrive on-site to fix your vehicle’s air conditioning.

We do both scheduled maintenance and emergency breakdowns ensuring that you’re covered in every undesirable situation. We recommend a yearly service of your trucks air conditioning and guarantee our work for the long-term, but if an emergency does arise, give us a call and well take a look at it.

Dust and detritus particles are a common cause of air conditioning breakdown, but general wear and tear also over time. If something snaps, bends, breaks, runs out of liquid or otherwise malfunctions, call Sydney Truck Electrical and we’ll jump on the road ASAP and come and repair your problem. We have worked with a wide range of air conditioning systems from a variety of manufacturers, so rest assured that once we see your problem we’ll be able to identify a solution quickly and ensure things are running nice and cool in your cabin again soon.

Truck Air Conditioning
Plant Machinery Auto Electrics

Plant Machinery Auto Electrics

Sydney Truck Electrical has a uniquely skilled team of heavy machinery auto electricians to assist you any time your plant machinery breaks down. We use the highest quality diagnostic tools to identify the cause of any malfunction in your plant machinery and will promptly and reliably fix the problem. We service anything from small diesel-powered pumps, trucks and mining equipment to excavators, manufacturing equipment and drills. Give us a call today if you’re facing a breakdown and we’ll come out to site quickly to effectively fix your problem for the long term.

Our team of auto electricians will travel on-site to provide maximum convenience in otherwise less than ideal situations. We do all of our work on the road and ensure that you don’t need to haul your machinery to our shop at great expense and hassle to yourself. We bring all the necessary tools to make sure your plant machinery issue is solved rapidly and that you don’t experience any more downtime than is absolutely unavoidable.

We provide the following mechanical electrical services:

  • Electrical diagnosis
  • Machinery repairs.
  • Restoration services.
  • Major component repairs and replacements.
  • Air conditioning repairs.

If your mechanical electrical systems break down, only call the experts at Sydney Truck Electrical for electrical system services. We have over 20 year’s experience working with and repairing heavy machinery and always provide a high-grade service to all our client’s machinery. We’ll come to you, make sure your machinery is running again properly to reduce downtime and get things moving again. Our team are very qualified and have a wealth of knowledge to diagnose any problem. They’ll identify the problem in your machine then work with the highest-quality tools and components to replace or repair whatever part of your machine is causing you grief. Call Sydney Truck Electrical today.

Hire Machinery Repairs

If your rental excavator, drilling equipment or other machinery has broken down call the experts at Sydney Truck Electrical today for a quick diagnosis and turnaround time on any repairs or replacement parts work. We provide efficient service and insist we conduct repairs on-site to reduce the time and expense of any downtime on your part. Our team of qualified auto electricians have worked with a great range of heavy machinery brands and understand the analytic method used to diagnose any mechanical faults, be they cracks in machinery, worn-down moving components or oil-or-lubricant-related. Our team bring all the components needed to quickly conduct any heavy machinery repairs and will have your heavy machinery back at it again soon.

For any machinery repairs Sydney, call Sydney Truck Electrical for a professional and courteous service that reduces downtime and stress in problematic situations. If you need a professional for machinery repair and maintenance don’t hesitate to contact us today for an affordable service done quickly and properly. We guarantee a superior customer experience be it a minor scheduled service or a complete overhaul of your hire machinery and we do it all at an affordable rate.

We can handle mobile‎ plant‎ repairs‎ to‎ earth‎ moving,‎ heavy‎ machinery‎ and‎ plant‎ equipment, and from‎ a small wiring repair to a full rewire. We can also fit all accessories to have your machine on a mine site. We regularly work with:

  • Backhoe
  • Bob‎ Cat
  • Bulldozer
  • Compactor
  • Compressor
  • Concrete‎ Agitator
  • Crane
  • Dump‎ Truck
  • EWP
  • Excavator
  • Fork‎ Lift
  • Generator
  • Grader
  • Hook‎ &‎ Lift‎ Truck
  • Lighting‎ Tower
  • Mini‎ Digger
  • Mobile‎ Conveyor
  • Mobile‎ Crusher
  • Scraper
  • Scissor‎ Lift
  • Skid‎ Steer
  • Mobile‎ Screening
  • Off‎ Hwy‎ Tipper‎ Truck
  • Pump
  • Roller
  • Skip‎ Bin‎ Truck
  • Telehandler
  • Telescopic‎ Material‎ Handler
  • Track‎ Loader
  • Tractor
  • Water‎ Card
  • Wheel‎ Dozer
  • Wheel‎ Loader
Hire Machinery Repairs
Diagnostic Auto Electrician

Engine Diagnostics

Our qualified team of mobile electricians can quickly arrive on-site or at your base to diagnose any truck electrical, plant machinery or hire machinery mechanical faults or air conditioning problems. Our electricians service all of Sydney and work both on the road and in the workshop, providing maximum convenience in otherwise inconvenient situations. We provide the highest level of customer service and are always professional and courteous to you the client. Our quotes are affordable and we provide a swift turnaround time on all our work.

All mechanical repairs start with diagnosis identifying which component is faulty. This is the first step to providing an efficient and affordable solution that enables your vehicle to get back to work as soon as possible. In most cases we’re able to provide a rapid diagnosis on the road or on-site, depending on the vehicle and the problem. In the event we’re unable to diagnose the problem using preliminary methods we’ll arrange for your machine to be taken to our workshop where our team of qualified auto electrical mechanics will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis.

We use the highest-quality diagnostic tools at all times, so you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is just temporarily out of action and that any setbacks to your work are only short-term.

Our tools are top-of-the-line and communicate with your vehicle about any electrical problems that have arisen in the vehicle’s internal circuits. Issues that have been written to the internal diagnostic system are read by our tools so that you don’t have to drive with an unexplained warning light switched on for any longer than it takes you to call Sydney Truck Electrical. Give us a call when something’s not working properly and allow our qualified auto electricians to rapidly diagnose your problem and provide insight into the best solution at the most affordable price for you.

Wiring, Lights & Electrical

For any other wiring, lighting or electrical modifications, repairs or service work on your vehicle, call Sydney Truck Electrical today. We understand the fine nature of the components comprising your vehicle’s electrical system and that fuses and wires can sometimes blow out without any stimulus. We also know that sometimes the default wiring and lighting options in any vehicle aren’t optimized for the job you have to do, and can provide an alternative arrangement for your automotive wiring and lighting.

As well as installations and repairs, we also conduct scheduled maintenance on truck wiring, lights and electrical systems to ensure that your systems are all long-lasting and performing to a high standard. An inefficient wiring systems will cause your truck to operate at a subpar level as the engine doesn’t have the spark, air and fuel it needs to perform as it was designed. Optimizing your electrical wiring optimizes your vehicles performance and makes your experience on the road a lot smoother.

We’ll identify which power cable size your vehicle uses and will rapidly remove any visibly broken components before replacing them. For other problems, we have a set of diagnostic tools that can identify a range of issues that we then solve.

We use only the highest-quality tools and components to ensure that any wiring, lighting or other electrical work on your truck is completed as efficiently and affordably as possible. Our team of auto electricians have vast knowledge of electrical wiring systems and are able to diagnose what needs to be repaired very quickly after looking at the problem. For any new components, we have a wide range of parts and are confident in recommending you the best solution based on our understanding of your needs. With 20 years experience in the electrical-mechanical field, our team of professionals are ready and waiting to jump on-board your problem and fix it as quickly as possible.

Machinery Auto Electrician

Machinery Auto Electrics

Earth-moving machinery and other electro mechanical tools used in construction or mining can be volatile in their operation. Electro mechanical services are always delicate and can become damaged in a split second following a particularly large load or circuit breakdown. In the instance your heavy machinery breaks down call Sydney Truck Electrical and we’ll quickly identify a solution.

Our electrical mechanical services are tailored to fix a range of mechanical faults and breakdowns. We swiftly identify the cause of any problem and will offer a solution based on our 20 years’ experience as auto electricians. We have serviced all machinery used on construction sites and elsewhere and understand how and where common problems arise. Bulldozers, trenchers, excavators, drills, cranes and more are all easily repaired at Sydney Truck Electrical by experienced technicians with years of service.

  • Replacing a motor.
  • Replacing brake lights.
  • Repairing air conditioning.
  • We also handle all breakdowns, be they within an engine or another component of your machinery.

You won’t need to haul your crane over several suburbs before having it repaired. We do all of our repairs on-site and save you the time and expense of shifting broken-down heavy machinery from A to B. Rather than travel for repairs, allow one of our mechanical electricians to visit you at your site and fix your problematic machinery quickly and effectively. Our mechanical electrician contractors are all trained and certified and retain knowledge of the most-effective techniques in repairing a vast range of machinery. Give Sydney Truck Electrical a call today and one of our auto electricians will arrive on-site rapidly, diagnose your problem and fix the issue for you quickly.

Marine Auto Electrics

Marine electrics require a great deal of care in order to keep them in good order. Unlike plant, trucks or other land based electrical systems, corrosion is the bane of the electrical systems of all marine craft.

To maintain your investment, we recommend a much higher frequency of servicing schedule for marine based electrical systems, than for land based.

Corrosion inevitably creeps into switches, wiring, components and connections. Many of our marine customers schedule maintenance checks monthly to clean the systems down and replace any parts beyond saving. Modern manufacturing to ensure that electrical components are sealed away from salt air has come a long way over the last twenty years, but at the end of the day, salt water always wins!

During your maintenance or repair for all marine electrical systems we ensure the integrity of the systems, that they are properly sealed, and that you as owner, know the best ways to care for you investment.

We regularly care for all marine electrical systems including (but not limited to):

  • Wiring replacement
  • Starter issues
  • Charging problems
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Refrigeration
Marine Electrics