Located on Sydney’s outskirts, Penrith is a major residential centre in Sydney’s wider metropolitan area. Penrith is 50km from the Sydney CBD and lies in closer proximity to Parramatta, on the banks of the Nepean River just East of the Blue Mountains. Penrith is home to mild commercial activity and regular construction development as well as smaller local businesses that service the needs of the populace.

If your operation is located in Penrith and you’re experiencing an emergency, either in your truck or heavy machinery, call Penrith Truck Electrical today for a rapid, effective solution. We repair all trucks and heavy machinery and have over 20 years’ tenure servicing Penrith residents when they need an electrical mechanical service.

Penrith Auto Electrical 24/7

We retain a team of specialists familiar with a range of trucks manufactured by a range of brands in Japan, Europe and America. If your truck electrics is experiencing any faults or breakages, call immediately. Our experienced and qualified truck auto electrician will rapidly call out to your location and provide a diagnosis of the issue, followed by selection of high-quality parts for replacement and then total repair.

We understand the nature of all electrical mechanical faults and have over 20 years’ experience repairing breakdowns in trucking components in Penrith. We are rapid in our diagnosis of your issue and provision of a solution, and we will bring all the parts we need to your location to ensure we can repair your vehicle as rapidly as possible. If your vehicle breaks down in Penrith, give us a call and we’ll call out to you right away. We are able to conduct repairs on-site, or, in unusual cases, tow your vehicle to our yard. On-site repairs are our speciality and we will come to you wherever you are to provide professional and courteous roadside assistance.

Automotive Repair

We facilitate affordable rates because we understand the impact a broken-down truck or faulty heavy machinery can have to your livelihood. We are available 24/7 for emergency callouts and remain knowledgeable about the latest truck and heavy machinery manufacturing techniques. This means we’re always as well-equipped as possible to handle your auto electrical problem. We are also fully insured and licensed and so are able to perform repairs on any number of vehicles manufactured anywhere in the world. Call Penrith Truck Electrical today and witness our expertise as we fix your truck or heavy machinery auto electrical problem as effectively and efficiently as possible.

We provide the following truck and machinery repair services:


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