The suburb of Paddington converges around Oxford Street and is unavoidable on the route from the CBD to the Eastern Suburbs. The Paddington commercial district contains lots of small businesses within the retail and hospitality sectors. Plenty of traffic passes through the area and some light construction activity is not uncommon on the house-lined streets of Paddington.

If your truck slows down on Oxford Street, or elsewhere in Paddington, don’t stop for one moment, call the group at Paddington Truck Electrical today. We have over 20 years of experience dealing with auto electrical mishaps and breakdowns and hire and plant machinery issues. We use only the best equipment and parts to fix your apparatus meaning your gear will last and perform to standard.

Paddington Auto Electrical Service 24/7

There’s nothing remotely pleasant about a truck electrical breakdown. Whether or not it’s your lights, cooling or other parts, it can actualise lost time that is unfortunate and impacts your daily livelihood. Call Paddington Truck Electrical whatever time of day or night for professional electrical administration near you.

Paddington Truck Electrical is one of Sydney’s most-prepared truck electrics repair services. We have an abundance of information on electro mechanical repair methods and plenty of experience dealing with electro mechanical issues ourselves. The length of our residency and our administration record is enhanced by the way that we finish each and every repair job to completion.

We use only top-notch hardware and parts when performing truck electrical repairs in Paddington or elsewhere in the CBD. We ensure lifespan by superseding only the parts we need to, aside from increasingly aging vehicles where new fit outs may be proposed depending on the underlying conditions. Call us all day or all night for auto electrical fixes Paddington.

Electrical Mechanic 

Whether it’s your lighting, power supply or cooling that is working at insufficient capacity, we arrange an answer. We offer dominance in electro mechanical repair and unmatched customer care. We, for the most part, prioritise customer care first and relay quick turnaround times that impact your daily standard as little as is sensibly possible. We charge affordable rates and guarantee any parts or fragments that we supply during fixes for the long-term. When in doubt, convey all that you need to us which will prepare us for our inspection, choice of parts and fix. We give 24-hour administration to allow you to come back to full function as fast as time allows. For a professional and courteous service, call us today!

We provide the following truck and machinery repair services:


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