Dee Why is a coastal suburb of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, 18km north-east of the Sydney central business district. It is the administrative centre of the local government area of the Northern Beaches and, along with neighbouring Brookvale, is considered to be the primary hub of the Northern Beaches region. A couple of commercial establishments dot the area, mainly residential towers and clubs, but Dee Why beach is the suburb’s primary attraction that draws in visitors from Sydney.

Dee Why’s beaches and coastal walks make for a lovely day’s adventure away from the city. While erosion has damaged the beach in recent years, the local council are making concentrated efforts to repair this and restore Dee Why beach to its former glory. The surfing’s not great, but the local cafes are well worth a visit.

Auto Electrical Mechanics

To use only premium auto electrical mechanics near you, call Dee Why Truck Electrical today. Our auto electrical repairmen have more than 20 years’ tenure giving electro mechanical help to truck operators and heavy equipment drivers who are confronting a faulty electrical system. We give assistance when trucks, earth-moving equipment, mining gear, cranes, road trains or plant mechanical hardware are imperfect or backing down in their capacity to work. Be it a lighting fix, cooling fix, power supply fix or an alternate choice, we have a task force of adaptable auto electrical repairmen organised to help you with maintenance expertly.

Our group is reliably polite and offer assurances on parts that we fix or supplant. We support credible peace of mind in a truck or heavy machinery apparatus emergency by giving a solid, speedy call out and by staying up to date with the most-recent safety codes. A gigantic extent of the time we can fix your vehicle, making the rounds or your heavy equipment on the spot, yet in express conditions we will tow your vehicle to our yard for extra work.

Auto electrical Repair 

Right when we perform upkeep on forefront vehicles or equipment, we will, taking everything into account, fix or replace only the parts that are busted, saving you on overall expense. In any case, once in a while when we assess more established equipment, we may endorse an entire electrical redesign if the condition of your vehicle’s electrical structure isn’t up to standard or we are certain that it’s in danger of suffering further breakdown soon. In these cases, we will abrogate lights, cooling and electrical supply areas with simply the best parts.

We provide the following truck and machinery repair services:


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