Burwood has an extensive history. The suburb was founded in 1799 and the first house on the land was built in 1814. There are still testaments to Burwood’s colonial history visible today: the Appian Way is home to a vast selection of heritage-listed Federation-style homes and public offices. Burwood is just 10km from the Sydney CBD and is accessible very easily via public transport.

Burwood residents are primarily families and young professionals. The area enjoys rich diversity of high-density apartments and ground-level housing. Burwood Westfield fulfils any suburban domestic need and a small district on Parramatta Road contributes industrial capability to Burwood’s already commercially-rich landscape.

If you’re hauling a load in Burwood, or operating mechanical machinery and something breaks down, rely on Burwood Truck Electrical to rapidly fix the problem. We will diagnose the issue, select which components to switch out and then perform the electro mechanical repair procedure rapidly, on-site. In most cases we will do this at your location, however in some more-serious cases we will tow your vehicle to our yard for servicing.

Burwood Electro Mechanical Repairs 24/7

We service trucks, plant machinery and other heavy machinery and have over 20 years’ tenure handling a vast selection of global brands. No matter where your truck or machinery was manufactured, if something is faulty, we have the skills to provide an effective fix. We’ll use our specialist diagnostic tools to identify the problem within your electrical machinery and consequently replace or repair any broken parts using only the highest-quality replacements. We guarantee longevity for any repaired or replacement electrical mechanical components, providing you with peace of mind and total satisfaction.

Our mechanical electrical contractor will perform his due diligence by providing professional and courteous service and rapid repair times. We charge affordable fees and provide premium long-term guarantees for any parts or components that we repair or replace. We may also recommend additional services when needed, such as overhauls of entire lighting or electrical systems when they are old and not functioning at 100% efficiency. We’ve seen that the alternative is another breakdown so it’s best practice to trust our tenure.

Mechanical Electrical Contractors Burwood

All of our mechanical electrical contractors Burwood are trained in the latest industry-standard repair techniques and are up-to-date with their certifications. Rapid turnaround times are one of our team’s primary strengths which means our clients are always satisfied and are able to return to work with minimal disruption to their regular routine following electrical breakdowns.

We provide the following truck and machinery repair services:


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