Bondi is both a commercial hub and a throbbing tourist hotspot. The Westfield at Bondi Junction is home to some of Sydney’s most exclusive fashion and retail outlets and there are restaurants and cafes dotting the entire suburb from the station to the beach. Commercial supply is crucial to this area and construction development is not uncommon. At Bondi Truck Electrical we know that truck breakdowns can happen any time, and the same goes for heavy machinery. We know what it’s like to be stuck during an operation and do our best to ensure that any downtime is as reduced as is possible.

As Bondi is both a vehicle path and private zone, it’s typical for us to manage auto mechanical and electrical issues in this territory. Bondi Truck Electrical uses just qualified and guaranteed staff, and can give help with any auto electrical breakdown and make any heavy machinery fixes required in Bondi.

Bondi Automotive Electrician 

To use the best auto electrical mechanics near you, call Bondi Truck Electrical today. Our auto electrical repairmen have over 20 years’ experience giving electro mechanical service to truck drivers and heavy machinery administrators who are standing up to a breakdown. We give assistance when trucks, earth-moving equipment, mining gear, cranes, road-trains or plant mechanical assembly are imperfect or stalled. Be it a lighting fix, cooling fix, power supply fix or something other than what’s expected, we have a fleet of adaptable auto electrical repairmen prepared to help you right away.

Our group is continually polite and offer guarantees on parts that we fix or supplant. We facilitate genuine serenity in a truck or heavy machinery emergency by giving a dependable, rapid call out service and by staying up to date with the latest with authoritative safety standards. A significant part of the time we can fix your vehicle making the rounds or your heavy machinery on-location, yet in specific conditions we will tow your vehicle to our yard for extra work.

Auto electrical Repair 

When we perform upkeep on additional state-of-the-art vehicles or equipment, we will by and large fix or replace only the parts that are busted, saving you on costs. However, from time to time when we direct more-seasoned equipment we may recommend an entire electrical upgrade if the condition of your vehicle’s electrical structure isn’t up to standard or we trust it’s in danger of suffering further breakdown soon. In these cases, we will supersede lights, cooling and power supply fragments with only the best parts.

We provide the following truck and machinery repair services:


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