Bankstown is one of Sydney’s most highly-concentrated multicultural suburbs, with over sixty unique languages spoken by residents of the area. Nearly two thirds of Bankstown residents were born internationally, and have brought with them food, art and culture from around the globe into this veritable melting pot.

Bankstown is a major industry hub for aviation, engineering and maintenance. Development in these fields is facilitated at Bankstown airport and other small industrial operations. Commercial operations manifest at two central shopping districts and are reflective of the highly multicultural demographic of Bankstown’s citizens.

If you’re employed at Bankstown’s industrial facilities and are experiencing problems with your machinery, or you’re traversing the suburb hauling freight and suffer a breakdown, call Bankstown Truck Electrical today for a rapid electrical mechanical diagnosis and repair service.

Bankstown Mechanical Electricians

For mobile auto electricians Bankstown, mobile auto air conditioning service and mobile electro mechanical services, we are Sydney’s number one choice. We have been serving the Bankstown community for over 20 years and in our tenure have faced a range of problems in a plethora of different vehicles and machinery equipment. We guarantee all of our parts and components and always prioritise professionalism and courtesy when performing electrical repair service work.

If you’re experiencing difficulty with your truck’s auto electrics, do not delay and protect your livelihood by contacting us today. We will rapidly provide a solution to your problem and enable you to return to the road and your job without delay. Our clients know that we only provide the best service, and we plan to service the Bankstown community’s auto electrical needs for many years to come.

Our rates are priced affordably because we have a developed understanding of the impact auto electricians’ availability has on your income. We are available 24/7 and call out to your location, bringing with us all the necessary tools and components to diagnose, service and repair your truck. We are fully licensed and insured and are able to provide auto electrical repairs on Japanese, European and American trucks.

Heavy Machinery Repair Bankstown

Our electrical mechanical services are tailored to fix a range of mechanical faults and breakdowns. We swiftly identify the cause of problems and will offer a solution based on our 20 years’ experience. We have serviced all machinery used on construction sites and understand how and why common problems arise. Bulldozers, trenchers, excavators, drills, cranes and more are all at Bankstown Truck Electrical by experienced technicians with years of service.

We provide the following truck and machinery repair services:


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