Annandale’s wide streets and leafy green natural features have made it one of Sydney’s most-liveable suburbs. Views of the sparkling blue water at Rozelle Bay are abundant and many cafes are situated on Johnston and Booth streets. Annandale is home to primarily working professionals and families.

We have over 20 years of experience handling auto electrical faults and breakdown and hire and plant machinery problems. We use only the highest quality tools and components to repair your equipment. This means your machinery will last and perform to standard.

Annandale Auto Electrical 24/7

There’s nothing convenient about a truck electrical breakdown. If it’s your lights, air conditioning or other mechanical component, it can result in downtime. Downtime is  rarely profitable, and often awkward and uncomfortable. Call Annandale Truck Electrical any time of day or night for priority service near to you.

We only use the highest quality tools and components when performing truck electrical repairs Annandale. We ensure longevity and sustainable trucks by replacing only the components we need to when we call out to your vehicle. In the exception of older vehicles, overhauls may be recommended depending on the circumstances. Call us 24/7 for auto electrical repairs Annandale.

Electrical Mechanic

Is your lighting, power generation or air conditioning is operating at subpar efficacy? We have a solution ready for deployment. We charge affordable fees and provide service guarantees on any parts or components that we supply during repairs.

We provide the 24-hour service you need to enable you to get back to work as soon as possible. Call us today to discuss your problem and have us offer a quick solution!


Sydney Truck Electrical Pty Ltd

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