Alexandria has developed exponentially in the past decade to include a blend of high-density housing, commercial spaces and industrial parks. The area has a working-class history and used to house many factories and warehouses, but in more recent times has become home to a variety of blue-collar workers, young families and young professionals.

If you’re trucking in Alexandria and something is amiss with your vehicle don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We understand that your truck is your livelihood and will come out to your site rapidly to provide roadside assistance.

Similarly, heavy machinery operators rely on their equipment functioning properly to sustain employment. If your heavy machinery is faulty or breaks down get in contact with Sydney Truck Electrical as soon as possible for a rapid callout and courteous service.

Alexandria Auto Electrical 24/7

We apply our 20+ years of experience to each situation with care and professionalism. When you call Sydney Truck Electrical, one of our fully-trained and qualified automotive electricians Alexandria will service you rapidly. Whether it’s an engine component, your air conditioning, lighting or something else that’s performing worse than usual, we will use the best techniques and high-quality components to get your rig back on the road as soon as possible.

If your vehicle is an older variant, we may recommend you replace out an entire system during our initial diagnosis. We are able to do this for you and will save you extensive time by preventing future breakdown with new components.

In most cases where we’re working on newer vehicles, simply swapping out a broken or faulty component fixes the problem effectively. We bring all the components necessary to repair your truck so that you won’t have to wait all day to get back on the road. Simply call us and let your insurance provider cover the rest.

Truck and Machinery Repair

We are able to service any heavy machinery in Alexandria including, but not limited to: earth-moving machinery, mining equipment, trains, plant machinery and road trains. We will service your equipment on-site, with courtesy and using only the highest-quality components. We begin by diagnosing your problem, then selecting the best components for the job and finally repairing your machine to restore it to proper working condition.

Don’t delay in the event of a faulty component or vehicle, get in contact with Sydney Truck Electrical today to decrease any downtime you’re experiencing and to get your operation back on its feet as rapidly as possible. With Sydney Truck Electrical Alexandria you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we’ll fix your problem with as little stress as possible. We are always highly efficient and courteous.

We perform the following truck repair and machinery repair services:


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