All Generator Repairs In Sydney


Sydney Truck Electrical will call out to inspect all busted generators. We cater to small businesses using one diesel generator to critical installations in commercial and industrial operations. Our professional standards see short turnovers and customer satisfaction on every generator repair we complete.

Our generator service is designed to fix a wide range of problems. Deterioration of lubricants and fuel may occur and inhibit easy starts and rubber components and hoses may also become brittle. More damage can result if you don’t identify and solve the problem right away, so call Sydney Truck Electrical today.

We offer a diesel generator service, inverter generator repair and car generator repair. We’re familiar with most models and have the spare generator parts needed to fix most problems rapidly. Generator problems are usually easy to solve following a quick diagnosis during a call out. Sydney Truck Electrical has over 20 years’ experience fixing generator problems. You may rely on our experience whenever something is amiss.

If you’re searching for ‘generator repairs near me’, you’re in the right place to find what you need. Call us today and we’ll inspect your generator’s engine, oil and fuel filter parts for error. If something is wrong, we’ll provide a report and replace any broken components with standard parts manufactured to the exact specifications of the originals.