Common Truck Auto Electrical Problems


Broken Air Conditioning

Why does auto air conditioning break down? The answer is complex and can have several different implications. Depleted refrigerant can mean your regularly frosty air con supply stays rather warm, which is definitely not ideal. When your mobile automotive air conditioning air filter is dusty, it clogs air flow through the AC unit, leaving the cold air to sit in the chamber longer. Cooler chambers can beget ice formation on the ac coil too which can slow down and even break your unit. In these circumstances, the aircon unit is required to work harder and tends to wear out faster.

Broken Lights

Broken tail lights are a major hazard that must be repaired immediately. If the person behind you can’t see you when you’re braking, they’re unlikely to stop in time to prevent an accident. The same goes for driving at night with a broken headlight – you won’t be able to see anything and neither will other people on the road be able to see you. Light bulbs give off light by running an electrical current through a thin element that heats and gives off light. Over time, this filament becomes more and more brittle until it eventually snaps, turning the light off. Replacing a broken light is an easy task and one we can achieve quickly for you at Sydney Truck Electrical.

Depleted Battery

Over the course of its natural life, it’s natural for a truck or heavy machinery’s battery to wear out and run down. This happens as the materials in the battery that are producing chemical reactions run out of reactants. A run-down battery will stop your vehicle in its tracks but is easily replaceable by an expert auto electrical mechanic.

Ineffective Dashboard Display

Just like broken tail or headlights, a broken dashboard display is extremely dangerous during night time in particular. Being unable to register the speed at which you’re travelling can cause accidental dangerous driving and fines. It can also mean you don’t know when to check your engine, replace your brake fluid or refuel. Of course, check the dimmer switch to see if it’s been accidentally pressed before calling a Sydney Truck Electrical auto electrical contractor to look at the problem. If it’s not the dimmer switch, chances are you’ve blown a fuse or the gauge cluster is malfunctioning. In either case, our autoelectrical mechanics Sydney have a solution.

For all auto electrical breakdowns call Sydney Truck Electrical. We operate across all of Sydney and have over 20 years’ experiencing servicing faulty air conditioning, broken lights, depleted batteries and ineffective dashboard displays. Our experts are always quick to call out to your site and to use their vast training and certification to repair your vehicle’s auto electrics. Contact us today on 0423 286 455 to speak to one of our friendly team near you.