Common Auto Air Conditioning Problems and Solutions


As we approach Summer, the climate in Sydney is only going to get hotter. It’s crucial for truck drivers spending long spells on the road to have a fully functioning air conditioning unit for their health and safety. A broken cabin air filter can lead to accidents due to lapses in concentration, so if your truck ac is broken, contact Sydney Truck Electrical no matter where you are in Sydney for service and repairs. We’ll call out to your location rapidly and will provide air conditioning repairs as quickly as humanly possible.

In this post, we detail some common contemporary auto air conditioning problems. If you’re able to diagnose the problem yourself it will save us time during repairs. Start by noting the make and model of your truck’s ac unit and then see if any of the following problems sound like they’re happening to you.

If your truck ac is not cool enough, some of the probably causes are as follows:

Low Refrigerant Level: In most cases truck air conditioning refrigerant doesn’t run out. However, if we think this has happened, we will first check for leaks and breaks in the refrigerant container before replacing the refrigerant levels.

Blown Fuse Or Wiring Problem: If the air conditioning does not engage when you turn it on, it’s quite possible that you have blown a fuse or are suffering from other electrical issues. We will check all fuses and wiring to diagnose the root of the problem before replacing anything that is broken.

Faulty Compressor: If your air conditioning is squeaking it’s probably a sign something is wrong with your compressor. Your air flow will probably be operating at sub optimum levels. The compressor is responsible for circulating the refrigerant necessary for heat exchange between the indoor and outdoor units. If it’s broken, we’ll rapidly replace the compressor and possibly the evaporator core when you call.

Other common problems include the following:

If you’re seeing wet spots or stains around the air con vents, your system may be suffering from a refrigerant leak. This is the most common problem we’re called to fix in truck auto electrics. If you call us and we find that this is the problem, we’ll rapidly replace the O-rings, expansion valves, seals and hoses in your air conditioning system before refilling the refrigerant.

If your truck’s air conditioning blows cold air and hot air intermittently, it’s probably a sign that there is too much moisture in and around the cooling fans in the system. Repairs for intermittent cooling involve purging the air from within the system and removing the moisture using a vacuum pump.

 If your auto air conditioning problem entails a bad odour coming from the vents, this is probably a result of bacteria growing in the unit. There is an easy DIY solution to this problem – spraying disinfectant into the evaporator or through the blower vents. If the air smells like gasoline or oil, you should call Sydney Truck Electrical and have us take a look at the problem.

If your truck ac is suffering from any of the problems listed above, or something else entirely, call Sydney Truck Electrical today for all truck air conditioning service and repair. We’re always rapid to arrive on site following your phone call. We’ve been experts in the truck auto air conditioning repair businessfor over a decade, so trust in our tenure in the business and employ our services when you need auto air conditioner repair.