Cheap Windshield Replacement Best Practice


If you have just broken your windscreen, you’ll be on the lookout for someone to repair your windscreen. Debris kicked up by cars in front of you, or vandals may call for an auto glass repair service. 

Windscreen damage needs to be fixed immediately, because driving without a windshield is illegal and extremely dangerous. Regardless of how it happened, you should immediately contact a professional and enlist their help in replacing your windscreen.

Mobile windscreen replacement can be costly, especially if you have a customised vehicle or smart tech integrated into the windscreen. Rain sensors and advanced driver assistance systems are becoming increasingly common in trucks. Any of these augmentations will assuredly increase the cost of making truck windscreen replacements.

You may be tempted to choose a DIY alternative or hire someone charging a cheaper rate. Any professional who is charging a cheaper rate probably doesn’t have the experience needed to charge a full rate. This is particularly true when cash in hand jobs are requested by an auto repair serviceman.

The downside to choosing an affordable option is that the quality of the product may not be as good. A licensed and insured practitioner, however, will provide top quality products. These dodgy repairs often do not stand the test of time and may cause you more expense later. They often need a high quality replacement soon after the initial service.

However, if you do decide to choose a cheaper option, there are two things you should definitely look out for:

  • Make sure the quality of the glass is compliant with Australian manufacturer regulations. Any glass used in truck window replacement must be safety compliant.
  • Installation of the windscreen must be done properly. If any components are loose, don’t let your mechanic walk away from the job before it has been properly installed.

If these two points of contention are fully catered to by the glass installer, then you are probably in good hands. However, if the the windscreen’s chipped or cracked soon after replacement has taken place, you should assuredly call the professionals. This is evidence pointing towards the fact that the windshield was not of good quality to begin with. You have probably spent your money unwisely in this case and will require a professional shortly thereafter.

Professional windscreen repair and replacement is also one of our strengths. If a chipped or cracked windshield has got you down, contact our professional team today. We handle all stone chip repairs, and rapid installation of truck windscreens.

We offer courteous service and a replacement service done right the first time. All of our high quality windscreen replacements are built to last.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our truck windshield replacements. It’s this commitment to quality service that sees our clientele returning to our service time and time again. 

We are the trusted professionals in truck windshield repair and operate all over Sydney. Call the friendly team at Sydney Truck Electrical 24 hours per day, Monday to Sunday on 0423 286 455. We’ll provide a free quote and can service you no matter where you are in Sydney.