Predictive Maintenance Enables Better Truck Repair

Despite the automotive and aerospace industries seeing the greatest advancements in diagnostic maintenance tools overall, the trucking industry is definitely catching up. SAE International actually classifies truck repairs as having…

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Cheap Windshield Replacement Best Practice

If you have just broken your windscreen, you’ll be on the lookout for someone to repair your windscreen. Debris kicked up by cars in front of you, or vandals may…

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Common Auto Air Conditioning Problems and Solutions

As we approach Summer, the climate in Sydney is only going to get hotter. It’s crucial for truck drivers spending long spells on the road to have a fully functioning…

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How Truck Auto Electricians Keep Your Vehicle Moving

If you are employed in a capacity that keeps you on the road most of the time, chances you’ve experienced the need for an auto electrician before. Truck auto electricians…

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6 Common Causes Of Truck Breakdown

There is essentially nothing more frustrating than breaking down while hauling freight. Breakdowns are expensive, cause bottlenecks in logistics supply chains and are usually a time of stress for truck…

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Engine Diagnosis in Heavy Vehicles and Machinery

Sydney Truck Electrical has over 20 years’ experience in the truck repair industry. In our experience, the most common faults in heavy vehicles are those concerning the engine. There are…

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