6 Common Causes Of Truck Breakdown


There is essentially nothing more frustrating than breaking down while hauling freight. Breakdowns are expensive, cause bottlenecks in logistics supply chains and are usually a time of stress for truck drivers. Sydney Truck Electrical’s truck mechanic has over 20 years’ experience assisting in these situations.

Here we identify six of the most common reasons to call our breakdown services. If you’re new to truck driving, this post may be helpful in keeping your quality control on track too as you’ll know what to ask for during service.

Poor Engine Maintenance

If you don’t get your truck’s engine regularly serviced, you may experience problems with your fuel injectors, oil tank and power supply. We see these problems all the time and, while they’re undoubtedly frustrating for the driver, are truly a pleasure to fix. Be sure to get your engine serviced regularly with Sydney Truck Electrical to avoid these problems.

Old Tyres

If your tyres are more than five years old, they should be checked once per year to make sure there’s enough tread on them. If they’re more than ten years old they should be replaced immediately. Old tyres are a common misconception in that drivers tend to think they can get more wear out of them than they should. Contact us for all tyre replacements.

Faulty Brakes

Hauling freight has serious implications for brake cables and brake pads. The weight of most heavy vehicle loads means brakes can wear out pretty quickly, leading to serious problems when a truck can’t stop in time. With regular service, it’s not a common problem, but if you find yourself in a situation involving brake issues, call us. We know what to look out and can apply a fix in time to avoid a serious problem.

Blown Electrical Systems

Electrical issues with your truck can get you fined and your vehicle impounded. Faulty brake lights are a lethal hazard that can prevent cars behind you stopping in time to avoid a collision. Electrical issues can also cause breakdown if they’re related to power supply and dead batteries. In essence, if you’re having trouble starting your vehicle, or are experiencing problems with the dashboard lights or exterior lights, get in touch.

Inefficient Fuel Systems

From contaminated fuel and empty tanks to faulty gauges, truck breakdowns related to fuel issues can also be corrected with regular scheduled maintenance by a professional.

Empty Cooling Systems

Corrosion, poor physical connections and empty refrigerant are the main causes of treak breakdown related to coolant issues. These issues are sometimes related to electrical problems, for example, when a blown fuse fails to trigger a cooling fan. These problems are more frustrating than anything, especially on hot days, so call us to schedule regular service to ensure your coolant levels are topped off and that your connections are wired properly.

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