Automotive Truck Electrician in Sydney

Sydney Truck Electrical

Sydney Truck Electrical has 20 years of on the job experience handling a range of heavy vehicle and plant electrical issues. Our skill at diagnosing electrical issues has been developed over the length of our tenure. Our service record is complemented by the fact that we never leave a job unfinished. For professional truck electrician, heavy vehicle or plant machinery operators and drivers, our 24-hour service ensures that you are always covered.

We are a fully family owned and operated electrical business that opened in 2018. We employ a team of fully-trained and qualified auto electricians. They are up-to-date with the most-recent industry codes and trained in the highest quality electrical repair techniques.

Our knowledgable, qualified and experienced technicians always put customer care first. We ensure that the service you receive is prompt, reliable and courteous.

Whether its electrical systems, power generation, or air conditioning that is operating below optimimal levels, get in contact today. Our high level of customer service, high-quality tools and parts and expertise will have you back on the road ASAP. Our mobile service brings all auto electrical parts to Sydney call outs.

Similarly, for marine electrical services or other marine servicing, contact our marine mechanical boat electrician. With over 20 years’ experience servicing marine electrical and electronic up and down Sydney harbours, we’ll fix your problem rapidly. Following your call, you may rest assured that we’ll have your boat cruising again on the water in no time.


Sydney Truck Electrical

Our specialities are manifold, and include but are not limited to:

Truck Fault Finding

24 Hours Fault finding

Auto Battery Replacement

Battery replacement

Alternator Repairs & Replacement

Alternator repairs & replacement

Engine Diagnostics

Engine diagnostics


Starter motors

Trailer Lights

Trailer lights

Wiring Repairs

Wiring repairs

Light Replacement

Light replacement

Alloy Hose Repairs and Welding

alloy hose repairs & welding

Air Conditioning Repairs and Servicing

Air conditioning repairs & servicing

General Maintenance

General maintenance

Mobile Plant Repairs

Mobile plant repairs

We service a wide range of vehicles in any state of electrical breakdown. Our repertoire includes trucks, semis, road-trains, plant and power boats. We have over 20 year’s experience handling a range of problems within automotive electrical parts and Sydney marine electrics.

Give us a call today for a call-out and we’ll schedule an appointment according to your availability. We’ll tune up, offer electrical repair or install any new vehicular electrical components you need. We ensure you can continue driving safely on the road.